Hamburger Fischwerker - The best address for graved salmon and smoked salmon

The Hamburger Fischwerker offer over 50 different Graved Salmon specialties in the online shop. We still pickle according to ancient Scandinavian tradition and use only fresh herbs.
In addition to pickled salmon (graved salmon) we have our own recipe smoked salmon in organic quality.

For every sale there is 10% of net sales (excluding shipping costs)
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Our advantages:
- fast delivery within 24-48 hours
- from 85,00 EUR order value free shipping
- attractive and high-conversion advertising material
- Product data via CSV / XML
Payment of the bonus will be made as a credit to your partner account immediately after shipping the goods

E-mail marketing

E-mail marketing is allowed by prior arrangement with the affiliate team of Hamburger Fischwerker. Please note:
The sender address and content of the mailing must not convey to the customer that the mailing was sent by Hamburger Fischwerker itself.
The provider and the sender of the mailing must be clearly recognizable and mentioned in the imprint of the mailing.
Legal regulations such as imprint, deregistration, etc. must be complied with.
For every e-mail address requested, a DOI must be demonstrably available that is sufficient for the legal claims to be accepted. (SOI, DOI, timestamps, IP addresses)

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