About us

Hamburger Fischwerker is a fish processing company that produces stained salmon according to the Scandinavian tradition (graved salmon) with a variety of fresh spices and spice combinations.

In addition, we produce smoked and marinated salmon trout in a completely new and environmentally friendly smoking process.

Torsten Oesmann & Jan-Hinrich Floto

We buy our salmon directly at the Hamburg fish market, the fish come from high quality ASC certified aquaculture in Norway. The salmon trout have their regional origin in the Lüneburg Heath and also bear the ASC seal. We produce our products in the Nordheide in our certified farms near the Hamburg fish market and salmon trout farming.

Our products are a special taste experience due to the special pickling and smoking. Whether for you at home for private needs and with friends or as a corporate gift for their customers, our experience has always shown that our products are a great pleasure. We are also happy to provide a catering with salmon individually such. Salmon chocolates in jar or salmon on small potato pancakes